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Why Old Spartan Fitness may be for you.

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Mark, aka Old Spartan

Serious fitness for old guys.

That’s the tagline and pretty much sums it up.
I am writing for:

  • Guys over 40 or so (is this when you started to feel a bit old?)
  • Those who are interested in getting really fit. Not fit for an old guy but fit by any standard. If you are looking to just start a walking program, go ahead and do it. But you probably don’t need me to guide you.
  • Dudes who want to strength train. A centerpiece of my training approach is that strength solves all problems. If you are a runner or biker or swimmer and just want to stick with that, it’s OK but again, I can’t help you with it. While I do some running and biking, it is for fun and fresh air, not to improve my fitness.
  • Guys who are serious and don’t want to waste time on BS fads masquerading as workouts.

Can women play in this sandbox?

Absolutely. I focus on old guys because #1, I am one and secondly, they tend to be OK with the type of training I recommend. You will find a variety of workouts offered here.

My wife, who used to be strictly a runner when we first met, now does body weight workouts, barbell training and swings the kettle bells. And she is very fit. She doesn’t however want to crawl in the grass, carry rocks around the yard, push the car down the driveway or climb on the monkey bars at the school yard.

I don’t understand it.

The beauty of strength training

Strength training will work for anyone. Male or female, young or old, skinny, fat, it doesn’t matter. It is scale-able for anyone and also a very efficient use of your time.

So if you want to strength train, you are in the right spot no matter what you look like.

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Strength really does solve all problems.

If you’re a guy who wants to widen your shoulders so you look better on the beach next summer, it seems obvious that strength training may be your solution.

However it is not as obvious for the dude trying to drop 40 pounds. Sure you may be able to walk it off, run it off or bike it off. But you’ll see success a lot faster by lifting weights. And the probability of you staying fit is much higher if you pack on some muscle.

What about stooped shoulders and the dreaded “turtle neck”(you know when your head sticks out if front rather than up)? Your father is not around anymore telling you to stand up straight. You need to lift some weights like dead lifting and upper body pulling exercises. This will get your shoulders back.

I can hear the groans. Dead lifting? Are you kidding? I have a bad back!

Yes the ubiquitous bad back complaint. Can’t do this or that because of the old bad back.

I said the same thing for most of my adult life. Until I finally determined that my bad back was just a weak back.

So I started lifting and the bad back I had for 35 years just disappeared.

Folks, strength solves all problems

Stop whining and start doing. You have a life to live.

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