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boomer couple on the beach

How to Lose Fat

There’s a lot of stuff you can do for fat loss.

boomer couple on the beach

Drop the fat and enjoy every day of your life

Most of it won’t do shit.

Don’t just nibble around the edges, go right to the heart of your problem.

You’ve gradually gotten fatter over time. Think about it. Your muscle mass has decreased and your fat mass has increased.

Ageing is loss of muscle mass

Sarcopenia. That’s your problem. So address it directly.

Build some muscle and improve your strength.

You don’t need a diet or a cleanse. You need to lift some weights!

A muscular body is a healthy body.

A more muscular you is a more efficient fat burning you.

Forget about fat loss. Focus on muscle gain.

You’ll get the fat loss for free.

Vitamins or Pain Killers

Vitamins can help. But their results are slow. I’m not talking about vitamin C or magnesium or fish oil. I’m refefrring to your fat loss approach using less effective tactics like:

  • walking, running and biking
  • boomer woman deadlifting

    Here’s a painkiller for fatness. Lift some weights.

  • yoga, Pilates and stretching
  • dieting, juicing and meal replacement shakes

These are like vitamins. Some might work a little but most probably don’t do a damn thing.

You know when a pain killer works

Results are fast and obvious.

Building muscle mass is your pain killer for being overweight.

Build your muscle. Lose your fat.

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