2016 Goals

Here’s mine.

  • 9 % body fat
  • goals

    Make a plan, work your plan

  • double bodyweight deadlift
  • bodyweight Farmer’s Walk (half bodyweight in each hand)

Why did I choose these goals?

I’m primarily interested in the single digit body fat (BF). I know I have to get below 10% BF for my love handles to disappear. They are my stubborn area. My reserve fuel is stored there. Maybe you can relate.

So I’m going for the shredded look which I haven’t seen for a few years. I know it will be tough but achievable if I tighten up my eating regimen just a little.

Since body fat is a percentage of total body weight, you can improve it from both sides of the equation – losing fat and building muscle. So I will focus on both.

And that’s why the secondary strength goals make sense too. I want to be strong so I’ll focus on building muscle mass with a strength training regimen (heavier weights and lower reps).

Strength that matters

When we were kids, it was all about the bench.

“How much can you bench?” That’s all we cared about. We were upper body “mirror muscle” lifters. And we wore tight shirts too.

I wish I had done a lot more squatting and dead lifting back then. And I didn’t even know what a Farmer’s Walk was.

But now I know.

Here’s a secret

If you could only do 2 exercises and wanted to gain maximum results for your time invested, dead lifting and heavy carries are your weapons of choice.

They both simulate real-life movements.

Pick it up and put it down is as basic as it gets.

  • Groceries out of the trunk
  • Boxes delivered to your front door
  • Your grandkids wanting a piggyback ride

And moving under load (carrying something from here to there) is a requirement for daily life.

  • Bring those groceries into the house
  • Push a wheelbarrow full of dirt
  • Schlep a heavy suitcase through the airport

Benefits of getting strong with complex movements

  1. Total body involvement builds lots of muscle and seriously torches fat.
  2. Great for your posture and balance.
  3. Solve your bad back problem too (likely you’re just weak).

My training plan

The easiest way to get strong is to lift heavy and eat like a horse. But I don’t want the excess body fat that comes with this approach.

Both of my strength goals are relative to my body weight. Strength gains tend to be slower when you’re trying to keep your body fat down. I’m fine with slow progress.

I’ll supplement creatine for about 4 months to help add a lot of muscle during this period. But creatine tends to make you hold excess water which will register as body fat. That’s fine. I expect it so I won’t worry.

I’ll then lay off the creatine in the spring and my body fat will start to fall. And I will have built some additional muscle mass which will help me burn additional fat going forward.

This “adding muscle makes you a fat burning machine claim” tends to be overemphasized in the fitness world. It’s really not a huge factor but does make a little difference. More muscle tends to be better for most stuff.

So that’s my 2016 plan.

What about you?

I showed you mine, let’s see yours.

    1. Declare your goals in the comments section below.
    2. Be specific. Don’t say you’ll lose some weight. How much weight?
    3. Go to the comments section right now and put your 2016 goals on record.
    4. Then we can all hold each other accountable throughout the year.

About the Author Mark Fickler

Mark aka The Old Spartan and Over-50 Fitness Savior is a 61 year old coffee guzzling father of five wandering the outdoors around Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mark helps Men Over 50 get lean, healthy and strong so they can be cool dads and grand dads using his signature Spartan Method system.

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