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The Over-50 Fat Belly Blaster

The Top 5 Exercises You're Not Doing That Will Blast 3 to 5 Inches Off Your Gut In The Next 90 Days

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How to use the "Over-50 Fat Loss Roadmap":

  1. Look down the left side of the pyramid and determine how many inches you have to lose from your waistline.
  2. Confirm that you recognize the symptoms listed down the left-hand margin. Yup, that's you.
  3. Look down the right side of the pyramid to see your approximate body fat percentage. Whoa.
  4. Finally, review the right-hand margin for direction to where you should focus your energy to move yourself forward:
    • Struggling? Work on building solid principles.
    • Surviving? Build your muscle mass. Stronger is always better.
    • Surging? Build sustainable systems so your gains are permanent.
    • Soaring? You're there; live your life on your own terms.

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