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Designed for Guys Over 50 by a Dude Over 60

I help Men Over 50 rebuild lost muscle mass so they:

  • reverse the effects of aging
  • look great with their shirt off
  • and live fulfilling lives.

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The Million Man Mission

 .Our goal is to help 1,000,000 men be great fathers, cool grandfathers and live fulfilling lives

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​What our customers say...


I liked the way the coaching program broke the complex down to simple, actionable advice. Mark's approach makes you realize what's attainable with a bit of planning and commitment. I lost 25 lbs pretty quickly. I feel confident that I will sustain and continue to lose weight.

Mike Reckner

Followed your Old Spartan advise & lost 30 lb. Got back 32 in. waist and can run 8 min mile no sweat. Basically cannot believe what I see in the mirror. All pretty simple: run sprints, do a lot of yoga, resistance training and cut the carbs. I look and perform better at 55 than at 40.

Cheers, Keep it up.

Mark Gelfand

The coaching program helped me understand my eating habits and the changes required to meet my nutritional needs to get healthy and not just go on diet. I lost 16 pounds during the program and 4 inches off my waist alone. The amazing thing was I did this during the Holiday season. I'm confident I can maintain my weight loss and look forward to continuing to not only lose weight but get healthy.

Jeff Hogue

"No man has the right to be amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable."

- Socrates

3 Steps to Being a Great Dad or Cool Grand Dad:

>> Get Well

>> Get Strong

>> Get Bad Ass

The Spartan Method Builds Great Dads!

Our signature training regimen, The Spartan Method works because:

  1. It's simple to understand (and implement)
  2. It's based on evolution and ancestral health principals
  3. and it solves your root cause problems (for good)

How it works

About Me (The Old Spartan)

I'm a 62 year old guy who likes lifting, eating like a caveman and spending a lot of time outdoors with the kids. The only difference between you and me is I know the enemy and I have a plan.

My advice for life-long health and longevity is to take total responsibility for everything. Do not outsource your life to the government, big business or shady fitness gurus.


Mark, aka Old Spartan (over 50 fitness savior)

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