photo credit: Against All Grain

photo credit: Against All Grain


Time for a new breakfast treat. And this seems to have all the right stuff.

  • eggs
  • bacon
  • spinach
  • avocado
  • plantains

Here’s the recipe.

I’d bag the hollandaise sauce. Too much work for me. But the rest sounds really good.

Click here for the Recipe Book

My Go-To Breakfast

A healthy breakfast I often eat is:

  • garlic, onion and whatever green veggie is available, 3 or 4 egg scramble with a little parmesan cheese (cooked in butter)
  • 1/2 avocado
  • salsa

And coffee (mostly iced lately) with cream.

It’s good, fast and filling.

The nutritional breakdown?

  • About 600 calories
  • 29 grams of protein (the 3 egg version)
  • 29 grams of carbs
  • 44 grams of fat

breakfast calories700

Go here for the nutritional calculator.

What’s your favorite go-to breakfast?

Enter your fav recipe in the comments below.

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