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Helping active boomers get leaner and stronger so they lead purpose filled, awesome lives"

Mark Fickler aka Old Spartan

Over 50 Fitness Savior 

Why Choose Old Spartan Fitness?

We try to meet you where you are and go from there. Everyone is different and looking for specific information.  That's why we offer:

  • loads of free information on the blog and via email (get hooked up here)
  • online training for the  do-it-yourself person
  • group coaching for when you desire some accountability and perhaps working alongside others with similar goals and struggles
  • 1 on 1 personal coaching (call for availability) for those desiring custom programs developed for their unique challenges and circumstances

Online Training

Our Fat Loss Program is a cornerstone training that everyone will benefit from. It's really a health program that delivers fat loss as a side benefit. 

The Build Muscle After 50 is a super training program, although not for the novice. You should be in decent condition before attempting it.

We also offer a Low Back Strength program (aimed at eliminating low back pain) and getting started/building effective habits program called the 21 Day Fast Start.

weight training over 50

Group Coaching

We run group coaching sessions around Fat Loss and Building Muscle at different intervals throughout the year.  Click the button below to see when the next  classes are starting.

Personal Coaching

I have limited availability for personal coaching. Set up a free  call to #1 see if our personalities mesh (I'm from New jersey and some folks just don't get me) and #2 if there is a mutually agreeable time that we can work together (via phone or Zoom).

Discover Our Online Classes

21 Day Fast Start

Build Habits, Eat Better, Lose Fat and Get Stronger in 21 Days

Fat Loss

Total Nutrition Overhaul; Get Healthy, Lose Fat and Feel Better

Building Muscle

12 Week Muscle Building Workouts Using Kettlebells and Body Weight

Low Back Strength

Solve Low Back Pain by Getting Stronger with Basic Movements

Main Benefits of the Spartan Method

Simplicity and Science

I simplify health and fitness so you experience results quickly, gain confidence and keep going long enough to get results.

That's the secret. Do the right things consistently and you'll get fitter, healthier and stronger.

I created the Spartan Method so you can be the fun, adventure-seeking, successful role model you want to be.



  • Halt = stop the assault from modern life on your body.
  • Heal = Reduce inflammation and get healthy.
  • Hone = Develop your skills to make these changes permanent in your life.



  • Move = Aerobic conditioning and daily movement. Move More - Sit Less.
  • Mass = Rebuild muscle mass and get strong. Strength solves all problems.
  • Mobility = Regain your ability to move your body through full range of motion. Push, Pull, Hinge, Squat and Carry.



  • Sleep = Good health is simply impossible when sleep is compromised. 
  • Sun = Sunshine, fresh air and immersion in nature is essential to optimal health and fitness.
  • Stress = All stress is cumulative and chronic stress will negatively affect your health and performance. 
  • 4

    Live It

    Being healthy and fit isn't something you do occasionally. It's a way of life and it's unique for each of us. We all develop our own ways to make it work. That's your goal - determine how to live well within the constraints of your life. You can do it.

     Iain Halstead



    “I just finished my third workout of week 12. My 36th consecutive workout without a single miss. I started with 10lb weights and ended up squatting with 80lbs, swinging 60lbs and pressing 50lbs.

    In week one I did six pushups, today I completed 30, and I could have done more. I’m feeling fitter and stronger and am so glad I found your program when I did.  I have lost around 30lbs and my waist has shrunk by six inches. 

    This has indeed been a lifestyle change and I’m so pleased I acted when I did. Cheers!”

    Join us now and get a FREE Online Workout

    Learn the Top 5 Exercises (That You're Not Doing) That Build Muscle Quickly and Incinerate Excess Belly Fat


    "Helping active boomers get leaner and stronger so they lead purpose filled, awesome lives"

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