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Well this is a mixed message. First congratulations on your fitness! You seem to be doing pretty well with seemingly low body fat. But, ah, there’s always a but. You have symptoms of one or more of the Big 3 which is cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes. This isn’t so good.

Now this kind of a guess because I can’t really see you but just going by your answers, you may be what’s known as skinny fat. That just means you don’t have an obvious big belly driving your W/H ratio up but still have a ratio of body fat that too high compared to your muscle mass. And I’m saying this because of your Big 3 symptoms. Normally these symptoms are accompanied by large W/H ratio but in a small # of cases, we see this skinny fat condition.

Now a lot of time guys want to focus on training and getting stronger. I get that. But my advice for you is to work on getting healthier first. Focus on solving the drivers of your Big 3 issues. And what you may not know is that they all have similar lifestyle factors driving them. So when you solve one, all seem to get better.

So I’d say try to get healthier first before focusing on building muscle. It doesn't mean you shouldn’t work out along the way. You should always be working out. But, when you think about, What’s my #1 Thing? It’s getting healthy.

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