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Well congratulations! You seem to be doing pretty well. Excellent proportions, seemingly low body fat and fairly good strength. My advice for you is to work on getting stronger. Strength solves all problems. As you build muscle mass you’ll begin to reverse the effects of aging you may be noticing, low energy, low testosterone perhaps and you’ll just be able to do more of the fun stuff you want to do.

Yes, for you, your focus should be to build more strength so I’d say click button below that says Get the Spartan Workout and you can read more about it there. Getting stronger is your #1 Thing to work on.

It’s perfect for guys who want to get stronger but don’t have a lot of free time to spend working out. High intensity but fairly short workouts. You’ll definitely get jacked on this plan.

Now if you’d rather get a customized plan developed by me after spending some time discussing your issues, goals, the problems you’re having, then click the button that says Get Spartan Velocity.

OK so two choices. If you’re a DIY guy, get the Spartan Workout and start building muscle.

If you want a more comprehensive plan and something that is customized to your goals and the problems you’re having, get the Spartan Velocity Plan by clicking that button.