Want A Personalized Training Plan So You Can Build Muscle Quickly and Not Waste Time?

Learn To Be A Bad Ass Dad (BAD) In Just 60 Days

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    Get a custom plan designed specifically for you so you get fast results and don't waste precious time
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    You need a plan meant for guys over 50 so the workouts make sense and you don't risk injury
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    You have to rebuild lost muscle mass so you can do fun things, be a great dad and look good shirtless.

What People Say About The Spartan Method

I was killing myself with 30 minute sessions twice per day on the treadmill and getting NOWHERE! "

“ You got me started on this journey almost a year ago. Something you said a year ago really sunk in with me about seeing guys in the gym on the treadmill and getting nowhere.  I was killing myself with 30 minute sessions twice per day on the treadmill and getting NOWHERE! I have lost 30 pounds, down to %22 body fat and GOT OFF INSULIN"

Joe Galivan

Look and perform better at 55 than at 40..."

Followed your advise , lost 30 lb and got back 32 in waist and can run 8 min mile no sweat after three years of training. Basically cannot believe what I see in the mirror. All pretty simple: run sprints, do a lot of yoga and resistance training. Look and perform better at 55 than at 40."

Mark Gelfand
New York City

Build a muscular physique quickly without spending a lot of time in the gym

Time is your most precious commodity so don't waste it on a workout that won't get you the result you're looking for.  You need to:

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    Learn how to build workouts that double your results in half the time by doing  one simple thing [don't worry, I'll show you what it is]
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    Understand the little known secret to building muscle after 50 (Hint: You won’t find it in Men’s Health magazine)
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    Know what NEVER to do during your workout. And guys do this one all the time
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    Unlock the simple 3-step workout formula  that gets 65% better results than your standard workout
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    Respect the 3 Muscle Building Laws (and use them all the time)

The key to getting fast results building muscle is to make sure you train your muscles hard enough to cause tissue breakdown (and then repair ) but not over-train to an extent that exhausts your body and you don’t recover. 

Don't Be Embarrassed To Take Your Shirt Off This Summer and Have Fun With The Kids!

You deserve to live an awesome life and create great memories with your kids!

You shouldn't miss out on the fun because you're too tired and weak.

3 Critical Questions Every Guy Must Answer

Getting healthy and fit again after a few decades of slow decline is hard work. No two ways around it. You're going to need a consistent, quality effort over time. So ask yourself these questions first to see if you're ready:

Are you tough enough?

Do you have the mental toughness, the grit or stick-to-it-ness to push yourself through the inevitable hard spots when life intervenes?

Do you have a sound plan?

Do you know what you're doing? Are you following a proven plan, backed by science that will rebuild your lost muscle mass?

Will you stick to the plan?

Expect roadblocks that attempt to derail you. Expect it to take some  time and effort. Will you stick to the plan long enough to see results

The Ideal Plan for Over-50 Guys

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    Focused on rebuilding lost muscle mass. 
    You've lost muscle (your body has cannibalized it) over the last few decades due to sarcopenia and you have to get it back because strength solves all problems. I'll show you how to do it quickly.
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    Simple to understand but backed by proven science.
    Stick to the basics and use sound training science like linear periodization (don't worry, I'll explain it). This ensures you stimulate your muscles for maximum growth without over-training, getting exhausted and wasting all your effort.
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    Doesn't require a lot of time.
    You don't have time to waste so highly focused (and pretty high intensity) training sessions are what's needed. Get in - get out - get on with your day - and get great results.
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    All fitness levels can participate.
    A lot of workouts you pick up from men's magazines or online training sites are just too advanced for your current ability. You risk injury when jumping in over your head. That's why you need a custom program designed specifically for you based on your current ability. This way you're always working with ideal training conditions to maximize your gains and keep progressing.

How to be an Awesome Dad in 2018

First, set the scene in your mind. You have to want it and visualize it. Can you see yourself, healthy and strong, out doing fun stuff with the kids or spouse?

  • At the beach with your shirt off.
  • At the lake camping and fishing.
  • On vacation riding bikes and having a blast.

To get there, you must do two things first:

Fun in the woods with the boys

Step #1

Get Well. Heal yourself. Make it possible to get super results from your training effort. Most guys don't do this and it's a why their plans fall short.

Step #2

Get strong. Re-build lost muscle mass. Start a resistance training program that reverses sarcopenia and motivates you to keep going.

Getting well and getting strong are the base of your health triangle. You have to work on them simultaneously to maximize your gains in the shortest amount of time.

Build a solid foundation

Get Well. Get Strong. Be Awesome.

There is a way to quickly incinerate fat from around your middle and build strength and muscularity using kettlebells, dumbbells, body weight exercises and training just 2 to 3 times a week (whatever works for you).

The Spartan Method builds a solid foundation to your health triangle.

  1. Solve your inflammation and get you well
  2. Build serious muscle mass and get you strong

The Spartan Velocity Plan Is Perfect For Guys Over 50

the coaching program broke the complex down to simple, actionable advice.

“I liked the way the coaching program broke the complex down to simple, actionable advice. Mark's approach makes you realize what's attainable with a bit of planning and commitment. I lost 25 lbs pretty quickly."

  • Mike Reckner

“I've gone from 198 to 180 pounds and can really see the difference! .."

“Big fan Mark. Started w/your body weight workout in May and have for the last several weeks been doing a version of your dumbbell cycle workout. I've gone from 198 to 180 pounds and can really see the difference! "

George Mathews

Get Started with the Spartan Velocity Plan

Mark Fickler - old spartan

Creator of The Spartan Method

About the Old Spartan

I'm a 62 year old guy who likes lifting, eating good food and spending a lot of time outdoors with the kids. The only difference between you and me is I know the enemy (The System) and I have a plan. My advice for life-long health and longevity is to Get Well and Get Strong.

Why Should I Buy The Spartan Velocity Plan?

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    It's a step by step, custom program, designed specifically for you so you'll always know what to do for maximum muscle gains.
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    It's designed for guys over 50 who want to look great with their shirts off, have tons of energy to be active with the family and live a fulfilling life.
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    The workouts are short and intense with minimal equipment needs so you can easily fit it into your schedule and do it anywhere; in a gym, at home or on the road.
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    Video demonstration of all exercises ensures you perform them correctly to maximize your progress and minimize chance of injury.
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    It's a 8 week guided program - long enough to see significant results  yet short enough to stay focused, determined and productive.
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    A weekly review ensures you always know what to do and never have to guess. You'll make progress every week and see results quickly.
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    24/7 email coaching is available to get a quick answer whenever you need it. 

Is the Spartan Velocity Plan for You?

If you're an older guy who wants to rebuild lost muscle mass, get strong and not be embarrassed to take your shirt off, you should try The Spartan Velocity Plan. There are no magic bullets -  it's going to take hard work and some time but your custom Spartan Velocity Plan will have you "Shirtless Ready" in no time.

Who is it for?

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    Guys over 50 who want to take their shirts off and not be embarrassed
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    Fathers who want be more energetic, outgoing and fun
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    Husbands who want to be more attractive to their wife and have a lot more sex
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    It's for guys who want to engage in resistance training and build muscle
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    Dads who don't want to be fuddy-duddies the kids are embarrassed to hang around with

Who is it not for

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    Guys who just want to run or ride bikes. You have to build muscle.
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    Guys who can't commit to two to three 30 minute workouts a week
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    Guys who think they know everything (Because I will tell you things counter to your current beliefs)
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    Magic bullet seekers need not apply. It's a long-term effort.
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    Whiners and excuse-makers. Getting in shape after a few decades of decline is going to be hard and take work.

Here's what is included in your Spartan Velocity Plan

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    8 weeks 1:1 Coaching: You get a training plan every week and a strategic nutrition target so you know exactly what to focus on.
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    Video demonstration of all exercises: Never have any doubt about how to perform an exercise so you get the maximum benefit and you won't get hurt
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    24/7 email coaching: Ask any question at any time and get an answer from me within 24 hours. You'll always know what to do.
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    Handy Workout Log: Keep track of your workouts so you know when to add weight or reps, how you're progressing and how much strength you've gained
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    Weekly Email Review: You submit a weekly review form every Friday so I know what's going well and what needs additional focus. This information is rolled into the training plan for the following week so you're always working on what is most important to you.

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